Coal mining is one of the most heavily environmentally regulated industries in the United States, and Coronado Coal consistently meets or exceeds regulatory standards. Our approach is simple: to extract high quality metallurgical coal in an environmentally responsible way and restore the land to its natural state when we complete our operations. We set a high bar for ourselves – to leave our sites in in the same condition, or better – than when we began our work.

Most of our operations involve underground mining, which reduces the environmental impact to the surface. However, we are well versed in surface methods and have done extensive work reclaiming old surface mines that had been abandoned by other companies before the passage of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977. Using advanced mining techniques and technology, we have been able to reclaim these mines through our present operations, accessing previously unobtainable deposits. Once our operations at these reclaimed sites are complete, we aim to restore the land to conditions not seen since before the first mines were opened.

To meet our Company’s rigorous environmental standards, we station at least two engineers at each operating division to actively monitor the mines’ environmental impact and promote compliance with regulatory requirements. Our Company also strives to promote good environmental practices and restoration efforts by:

  • Conducting ongoing monitoring at all sites through on-location, internal and external audits
  • Creating internal task forces to immediately respond to and remediate any issues
  • Continuously testing the streams and effluent water from operations to ensure compliance
  • Constantly monitoring the air in and around the mining activities
  • Degasifying and gathering methane from our Buchanan mine, for the dual purpose of safety and emission reduction
  • Ensuring 5-10 year staged releases of depleted mines by resealing and restoring the land

Environmental responsibility begins well before mining ever commences, and Coronado Coal carefully considers and seeks to mitigate the potential impacts of new operations, equipment and processes during the mine planning and development stages.

Coronado Coal has been recognized for its environmental programs and compliance efforts by several agencies, including the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and the West Virginia Coal Association.