We are detailed and rigorous in our approach to mining and selling premium quality metallurgical coal, from the exploration phase to post-mining reclamation. Our multi-step process involves the collaboration of skilled employees throughout the company, working together to produce coal safely and reliably while providing reasonable returns to our investors.

Our process starts with site assessment and acquisition. In the assessment phase, an internal committee consisting of engineers, geologists, environmental specialists and financial analysts thoroughly evaluates the reserves and transportation logistics to customer sites before conducting a viability analysis. We believe our selective approach helps to assure that we produce a high-quality product in the most efficient way.



Once we have acquired a site, we endeavor to ensure that our plan for mining the coal carefully considers the geological structure and features of the site and we are focused on deploying our resources efficiently. We employ high-tech systems to monitor our operations, with miles of fiber-optic cable connecting our miners, deep underground, with experienced engineers above-ground. With our advanced systems, our engineers can monitor and direct precision adjustments of mining equipment at multiple sites to strive for efficiency, and importantly, safe operation of our mines.

Once the coal has been extracted, we employ modern cleaning techniques at our preparation plants to separate the coal-carbon from the rock reject. Our sites are well located, with excellent access to rail roads and ports, to facilitate efficient distribution of our metallurgical coal.

Coronado’s management team is focused on running the coal production process to the highest level of safety standards, while also striving for efficiency and product quality with the goal of driving returns and increase the financial strength of the company.

Our Quality

Our three complexes produce coals that cover the metallurgical coal spectrum, including low-, mid- and high-volatile products, as well as coal for pulverized coal injection (PCI) use. Our coals are used in the production of coke, the primary source of carbon for steelmaking, or injected directly into the blast furnace. Either way, Coronado plays a key role in providing inputs into the production of the steel found in essential products used by consumers around the world, from skyscrapers, to cars, to surgical scalpels.

Our Buchanan Complex, which represents over half of our annualized maximum capacity, produces low-volatile metallurgical coal. This coal has a consistent quality and is low in ash moisture content. Buchanan is consistently among the lowest cost metallurgical coal mines in the US.

Our Logan Complex produces high-volatile A/A- rank metallurgical coal. This coal is low in sulfur content and has a well-established reputation in both the domestic and export marketplace.

Our Greenbrier Complex produces high-quality mid-volatile metallurgical coal with exceptionally low ash and sulfur content. It also has valuable application in the specialty coal market, including use in the production of ferroalloy silicon metal foundry coke.