Our three active mining complexes have a combined annual capacity of approximately 10 million short tons. Our current production is 8.2 million short tons per annum, and the available capacity can be quickly brought on-line.

Large contiguous blocks of easily accessible, high-quality metallurgical coal are becoming increasingly scarce. The Central Appalachian coalfields are a patchwork of smaller reserve blocks, producing coal that must be trucked to distant preparation plants, which adds cost and decreases productivity. For this reason, a cornerstone of Coronado’s acquisition program is a focus on long-lived contiguous reserves which will ensure mining continuity for a minimum of 20+ years. Coronado’s reserve holdings are either owned or held in low-royalty, to-exhaustion leases.

Through a painstaking screening process, Coronado’s management team has built a world-class portfolio of long-lived mining assets. Moreover, the reserves attached to active complexes can be accessed with minimal capital outlay—a key differentiator between Coronado and some of its major competitors.

# Active Mines
Annual Capacity (Mst)
Total Assigned Recoverable Reserves (Mst)
Mining Method
Typical Quality
Buchanan County, VA
Low-vol met
Norfolk Southern
Logan County
Logan County, WV
Continuous Miner/ Surface
High-vol A/A- met
Greenbrier County
Greenbrier County, WV
Continuous Miner/ Surface
Mid-vol met
CSX; Truck to Kanawha River

Note: Mst = million short tons


We mine coal in Central Appalachia, in what we consider to be some of the best metallurgical coal mining areas in North America. In addition to our three active complexes, Coronado’s portfolio includes reserve holdings and idle mine capacity in Central Appalachia and a large contiguous reserve block of high-quality high-volatile coal in Northern Appalachia. These holdings can be developed should market conditions warrant.

Our management team has significant knowledge of the Central Appalachian coal fields, with our most senior operational leaders possessing over 120 years of combined experience. We can move quickly to capture opportunities, allowing us to increase our production capacity to meet emerging demand and leverage our position as a leader in the production of metallurgical and specialty coal.

Location Map

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i. Buchanan Mine Complex

  • Among the lowest cost US metallurgical mines
  • Multiple recent investments to improve infrastructure
  • Key mine-level management team average 30+ years of service
  • CM development began in 1983, with first longwall production in 1987
  • 32,500 acres (50.8 sq. miles) through the projected life-of-mine, ~the same size as the land area of Washington D.C.

ii. Logan County Complex

  • One of the largest reserves of premium quality, high-volatile coking coal in United States
  • Potential reserve expansion of adjacent holdings utilizing existing infrastructure
  • Well-established reputation in domestic and export marketplace
  • $1.7m preparation plant upgrade underway

iii. Greenbrier County Complex

  • One of the last and largest reserves of premium quality mid-volatile metallurgical coal in the United States
  • Mid-vol thermoplastic properties excellent for coke making
  • Large Position in US mid-vol specialty market

iv. Amonate Complex (Future Development)

  • Mid-vol metallurgical reserves and idle capacity
  • 79 Mst of largely owned reserves close to Buchanan
  • Asset base has production capacity of ~1.0 Mst and reserve life of 50+ years