Coke, produced from high-quality coking coal, is a fundamental component in the production of high-grade steel. We expect global demand for steel to increase, which in turn will drive higher capacity utilization at existing coke plants and an increasing reliance on premium quality coals to maximize fixed coking capacity.

Furthermore, there is a global scarcity of coals that contain the individual inherent properties to make high-quality coke on a stand-alone basis. As a result, coke-makers blend a variety of coals in the coke-making process, with blends varying by location and access to coals. North American and European plants have traditionally relied on US metallurgical coals, while Asian buyers value the diversity US coals can offer.

Coronado coals are desirable components of coking blends domestically and worldwide, and our long-held, blue-chip customer base includes the North American majors and a broad representation of top-tier steel mills in Europe, South America and Asia.